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Jobs in Egypt

by M. Ali - 19/12/2010

"A simple guide to find a job in Egypt"

Jobs in Egypt

Finding good paid jobs in Egypt is not an easy task, although in the last 10 years there have been allot of good job openings due to the fact that allot of multi-national business have opened branches in the Egyptian Market, some pay salaries in US currency.

Egyptians are so friendly, and Egypt is a super nice country to live and work in, plus the weather here is so lovely, and the prices in Egypt are not so expensive. That’s why I do encourage anyone who is looking to move to the Mideast to take Egypt into their considerations.

As Cairo is the capital city of Egypt, it dominates the most of the Egyptian economy, there are few jobs for foreigners outside of the capital, and although some jobs may require travel throughout the country (journalism and development work, for instance).
Alexandria is the second largest city in Egypt, there are not aloof of job opportunity in Alexandria, but there are some good jobs opening from time to time.

Jobs in Egypt fall into two categories: those paid in local currency (the Egyptian pound, or guinay), and those paid in foreign currencies. Expatriates who are paid in guinay typically earn much less than those earning hard currency. An Egyptian-financed nongovernmental organization (NGO), for instance, might pay the equivalent of $450-$750 a month. By contrast, a high school teacher at one of Cairo’s elite private schools might earn between $25,000 and $45,000 a year.

The lucrative jobs that pay in dollars are typically lined up before coming Egypt. Once you arrive in Cairo, you will be limited to searching for jobs that pay in guinay. Costs are low, however, so it is possible to live comfortably on an Egyptian salary.

Rent for a large 2-bedroom apartment in a pleasant neighborhood averages from $250 to $500 a month, a ride on the subway is 13 cents, and lunch at an upscale coffee shop is $3 to $6. A huge bowl of kushari—a filling mixture of pasta, lentils and tomato sauce—costs 25 cents.