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Finding a job in Egypt after Jan 25th Revolution

by Mohamed Ali - 06/09/2011

Finding a job in Egypt after Jan 25th Revolution


On 25 January 2011 the Egyptian revolution took place, it was a peaceful and non-violent move. Millions of Egyptian protesters from all over Egypt had participated in the revolution. They all demanded the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak regime as it was corrupted, and allot blame the ex-regime for the entire economic crisis that had a bad effect on Egypt.

When first the revaluation took place, Egypt's economy was badly affected as allot of foreign investors took money out that coasted the Egyptian Economy around $1 billion in capital outflow. Also the Egyptian stock exchange was deeply affected by the political situation in Egypt, and most of the stocks prices dropped. Add to this tourism industry was heavily damaged as some Western countries had flagged Egypt as a non-safe place to travel to, that affected allot of sectors in Egypt, and due to this allot had been laid off. Also allot of small businesses in Egypt were affected and were forced to shut due to the lack of the financial resources.

After around 6 months of the Egyptian revolution, the Egyptian Economy has started to recover, and the foreign investors have started investing again in most of the market sectors in Egypt especially in the tourism, fast food, Information Technology and oil and gas sectors. Also the some of Arab Gulf countries (like Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates) have been providing generous financial aids to boost the Egyptian Economy, so far they have offered around $7 billion US. This has a good effect on recovering the job market in Egypt.

Although before the Egyptian revolution finding a good paid job in Egypt wasn’t an easy task to do and it required allot of efforts in the job hunting and sometimes it required some connections to get recommended to get a job offer, and some other times you would have to pay money or offer some presents to get a job! Now after the revolution all of this has changed, you need to have the required skills in order to get the job of your dreams. And due to the fact that allot of new multi-national business will be starting in Egypt soon, I do expect that will have a great impact on the salaries trends and I believe that allot of good paid jobs will be available by the end of 2011. Also allot of jobs in the government sectors are now available, and Egypt's new government has increased the benefits’ of its government workers.

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