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CV Writing Tips I

by - 04/06/2010

CV Writing Tips I

"According to a recent research, the average recruiter only spends 20 to 30 seconds glancing at a CV, which means that you have to grab their attention very quickly indeed."

If we are based on this fact, it would be a great idea to build your CV with a commonly accepted format so recruiters would know where to find the key information they want to know from your profile and will help them understand and remember your profile in a shorter time.

What will make it or break it for you during the first CV screening is the quality and effort you have put into preparing your CV.

Your autobiography is the first ¨point of sales¨ you get with your potential employer and thereof, it is the vital one – You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

At best CVs should be tailor made to be noticed by the recruiter.

This is much easier than it sounds. The fundamental principles of targeting your CV are rather simple:

• Ensure that each part of your CV directly relates to the current job application,
• Due to the rapid growth in the usage of prescreening software, use the terminology used in the job offer so that when recruiters search for the skills they need they find you.
• Ensure that everything in your work history is clearly relevant to position you are applying.

In order to make this process easier, prepare a detailed CV with your career objective, personal profile, education, work experience, achievements, skills and interests.

At this point it does not matter if it goes much longer than the standard 2 pages. It will be a great starting point and it will facilitate you to customize your CV depending on the needs of the different employers.

The optimal length of the final document that you will send to companies is 2 pages.

A two-page CV is the ideal length with one page being acceptable for less experienced people, and three-page maximum for senior and experienced executives. There are a few technical professions, such as IT, can be longer than two pages but these are very much the exception to the rule. The CV should be clear, concise and easy to read, with the use of bullet points and short sentences being a very handy tip to help achieve this.

Too much detail can not only make the CV too long but can also end up simply boring the recruiter. If the information does not have a positive impact on your CV, then it is probably not worth including.